World’s Most Popular DJs

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It is so frightening to start venturing onto a new industry when you don’t have any knowledge about or what you’re about to encounter. However, it is equally challenging to stay on track when you have a lot of challenges in front of you.

Based on people’s choice, here are some of the most popular and influential DJs in the entire world.


Sonny John Moore who is better known as Skrillex started as a recording artist with From First to Last. Their music was focused on emo-rock but he didn’t really last long in this path. After some time, he shifted towards DJing. And although his image still screams hardcore rocker, his career as a DJ is well-established.

The Chainsmokers

Most of the people who know the Chainsmokers didn’t have a clue that before they did collaborations with top artists, they were DJs first. Their name doesn’t really reflect them as a person because they don’t smoke, let alone do it in chains.


Considered as the alter-ego of Joel Zimmerman, Deadmau5 started to get praises during his set in Tomorrowland 2016. But don’t think that it was just luck because up until this day, he’s still getting quite the recognition from a lot of people.

Calvin Harris

Before becoming a signed artist, Calvin Harris was first known for his love of dance music. This one has been releasing his music for years now but it was only during his collaboration with Rihanna in 2016 that the whole world started knowing about him.

David Guetta

Voted as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll in 2011, David Guetta has long been making his music and is among the first DJs to engage in EDM. He is now known as the Grandfather of EDM.


Known for his unique headwear, one can’t deny that people go gaga when they hear that he’s doing his set. His career is one of the most successful in the dance music scene ever since the emergence of Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

It was 2013 and Martin Garritsen was still 17 when Animals skyrocketed through the charts. It can’t be denied that he is a child prodigy and we should all start looking up to him.

Looking for someone to be an inspiration is a very good move. During moments where you’d want to give up, you need to revisit the very reason why you pursued it in the first place, and your inspiration could help you do that.