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8 Tips on Taking Care of Your DJ and Studio Equipment

Once you are able to get your equipment and practice, you’ll eventually want to play in front of a crowd. That’s not really a problem since that’s your goal in the first place. The problem is, you need to know how to take care of your equipment especially when you are out there playing.

To help you with that, here are some of the most common things done in order to make sure that no harm comes to your hard-earned DJ and studio equipment.

Use Protective Gear

Never leave your equipment naked or don’t bring them around without proper protective gear. As much as your equipment might be made of high-quality materials, there will be situations wherein it could get easily ruined.

Since you’ve already spent quite an amount of money on the equipment, why not spend a little bit more to protect your investment? Believe us, it will surely help you more than you could ever imagine.

Check Out Your Booth

If it’s your first time playing in a certain place, you would have to check out the booth yourself. You need to know what tools and equipment they have and whether it fits yours. Some DJ equipment is very sensitive to what it’s used with.

Postimage 8 Tips on Taking Care of Your DJ and Studio Equipment cleaning - 8 Tips on Taking Care of Your DJ and Studio Equipment

Elevate Gear

When playing, it is advisable that you elevate your gear. Aside from the fact that it is more comfortable to play when your gear is at arm level, you could also save your equipment from potential destruction.

In party gigs, there will be a lot of fluids going around and since spilled water or booze goes downward, minimal to no damage could be inflicted to your equipment. But if your booth is on higher ground as compared to the dance floor, then, you won’t have any problems.

Make a Checklist

After your set, you need to make sure that you’ve packed up every bit of your equipment. Remember, you paid a hefty amount of money for it so you should keep everything safe and intact.

Having a checklist will help you identify if something is missing from your equipment. It will also prevent you from spending more money on the lost items. If you’re not fond of keeping a checklist, ask someone to help you do it.

Equipment Warranties

The inevitable will always happen and it pays to be ready at all times. Make sure that your equipment has warranties or even insurance. This will help minimize the amount that you are going to pay in case your equipment gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

Secure Your Area

As much as possible, ask the establishment security to prevent people from going in your booth. This is not to judge anyone but it is for the protection of your gear and equipment. You’ll never really know what people’s intentions are.

They might be eyeing one of your pieces of equipment from the sidelines.

You know how hard it is to find the right DJ and studio equipment for you. It’s even harder to find funds to finance your expenses. This is the reason why you always have to make sure to keep your gear safe.

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